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Next time you’re in Auckland, a trip to the Lebanese Grocer is an absolute must! Located at 65 Pitt Street, in the heart of Auckland’s CBD. This month, we caught up with Elie Assaf – and loved hearing his story.


Chef Elie Asaaf 


The Lebanese Grocer has been a space for Elie to carry out his parents’ legacy and celebrate his rich heritage. Elie was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and migrated to New Zealand 10 years later to escape the Lebanese civil war. Once settled, his parents opened a family business – making authentic Lebanese food in Wellington.


After 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Elie naturally found himself following in his parents’ footsteps. Elie runs the Lebanese Grocer – a family owned and operated business, on a mission to not only empower his community, but the country, through the quality of thoughtful food.


Using Lebanese spices and recipes, Elie marinates the Coastal Spring Lamb overnight before stacking it on the vertical spit. When the lamb is ready to go, it is then carved and served to order in what’s called the ‘Chef Special Shawarma’.


Coastal Spring Lamb, cucumber salad, picked onions, labneh and mint tahini


This week, the Lebanese Grocer has Coastal Spring Lamb, cucumber salad, picked onions, labneh and mint tahini – and Elie himself recommends his customers get in early as it is almost always a sell-out!


What Elie likes best about Coastal Spring Lamb is its texture and unique briny flavours – “it’s clean and delicious, my Chefs and I love to work with it.”


We love what these guys are doing!


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We’re so excited to welcome another Sophie to our Coastal Family – Sophie Wendy O’Neill.


Sophie was born on the 12th of September, and joins Tom, Millie & little sister Harriet at Maewa Station.



The Maewa Partnership is a third generation O’Neill Family farming business – with Sophie and Harriet the 5th generation at Maewa Station. Harriet is clearly a natural on the farm – and Sophie is following in her big sister’s footsteps – out on the farm with Mum in the front-pack at just 4 days old.


Sophie & Millie


Harriet & Tom


Harriet & Tom


We can’t wait to meet you, Sophie!



Since inception, the Coastal Lamb Brand has connected our customers to us as farmers – and this connection is a key point of difference for our brand, and something deeply valued by our customers.


Now more than ever, our customers want to know who us producing their food, and how their food is being produced – and at Coastal Lamb we are proud to communicate the focus we have on farming sustainably and the care we take of our farm environments.


At Tunnel Hill, we have many different species of birds – both native and introduced – as well as native vegetation, which is fenced off, alongside 250ha of Pinus Radiata stabilising our fragile sand dunes. Together these elements combine to create unique biodiversity and the best workplace on earth.


Current developments underway at Tunnel Hill – enhancing existing wetlands to improve our water quality.


We use biodiversity to measure the health and sustainability of our farm environments – focusing on fresh water, fertile soils, and healthy habitats.


Our customers are at the heart of everything we do.


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A delicious duo of lamb enjoyed earlier this month at Nero, as a part of the Plate of Origin Degustation – Coastal Lamb French cutlet and slow cooked pressed shoulder served with French peas, ginger deep fried tars, curd profiterole and jus.


Try some today!




Written by Ruby Redmayne