Coastal Care

Since inception the Coastal Lamb Brand has connected our customers to us as farmers. This connection is a key point of difference for our brand and something that is deeply valued by consumers.

Climate change is a worldwide phenomenon in 2023 and all countries are making moves to address this problem. Customers want to know who is producing their food and now more than ever want to know how their food is produced.

Communicating the focus we have on farming sustainably and the care we take of our farm environments is now essential. Coastal Care gives us a tool to communicate our sustainability stories effectively with our consumers.

The focus of Coastal Care is looking at the following elements and how they combine to create biodiversity.

Biodiversity is a great measure of the health and sustainability of our farm environments.

Our aim is to document each farms current status and looking to the future, encourage anything that improves the sustainability of our farming systems.

Bakersxing Farms
Brewer Farms
Heaton Park
Mackintosh Group
Seafield & Ohiti
Skou Farm
Tara Hills
Tara Hills
Tunnel Hill
Wharepapa Station