At the end of February, we hosted our Coastal Farmers at Akitio Station. It was a great opportunity for our Coastal Farmers to connect – and the day was well attended.


The entrance to Akitio Station


The five A’s which make up the Akitio gateway sculpture represent each generation of the Kight family that have farmed Akitio. A big thank you to Ed and the Akitio team for hosting the day.


Our Coastal Farmers @ Akitio Station


A highlight was the array of fresh seafood enjoyed by all, thank you to the staff at Akitio – which included crayfish and paua eaten alongside Coastal Lamb for dinner.


An array of fresh seafood enjoyed by all


Breathtaking coastal views from Akitio Station  


We are very grateful for our Coastal Farmers who make everything possible here at Coastal Lamb.