Hello Spring

The first new season Coastal Spring Lambs are on their way to the best restaurants and menus around the world.

Once again Coastal Spring lamb is first to market in New Zealand with this year’s new season’s spring lambs. Chef’s Choice and Neat Meat have done a great job sending our lamb to restaurants throughout the North Island and they’ll be featuring on the menus of some of our best restaurants very soon. Orders for Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore and China have been recently dispatched.

We’ve enjoyed dining vicariously over recent months and have received some sensational pics of dishes featuring our lamb. Here are just a few…

Coastal Lamb saddle @ Fu Dau, Beijing
Lockdown BBQ Roast leg of Coastal Lamb @ home, Auckland by Chef Paul Walkinton
Coastal Lamb burger in Shanghai.
Chef Freddy Whitehead at Tongali Market, a great support of Coastal Lamb in Beijing. View the video of a whole Coastal Lamb on the spit, Beijing by Chef Freddy Whitehead here.