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Lamb Mince

Monday, July 22nd, 2019
Pan Fry

Browning mince is essential to bring out the flavour and colour.

Add a dash of oil to a hot pan before adding mince. Stir to ensure the mince browns evenly and does not stick to the pan. To ensure it doesn’t stew, cook in batches.

If it begins to stew and water gathers at the bottom of the pan, the mince will taste like it has been boiled. Take the mince from the heat and strain away the liquid. Reheat the pan with a further dash of oil and return the drained mince to the pan to begin the browning process again. Your final dish will have more flavour and colour.



Season mince with salt and pepper.  Add a beaten egg and chopped fresh herbs (eg parsley, mint, thyme, coriander).  Make into patties or burgers and cook over a medium high heat on the BBQ.



Try a delicious Moussaka or an old-fashioned Shepherd’s Pie baked in the oven.