Jefferis at Waikiwi

Waikiwi is run by David and Lyndi Jefferis who live on the farm with their three children Adam, Georgia and Sam. David is the 4th generation on this property which dates back to 1875 when the land was cleared by David’s great grandfather. David’s father Bob still lives on the property, and enjoys the family business.

David and Lyndi are excited about the opportunity to supply Coastal Lamb. The premium markets that Coastal Lamb is opening doors to fits with Waikiwi’s aim of producing the best quality lamb the farm is able to offer.


Waikiwi Ltd is a family farming business located near to the Firth of Thames in the North Waikato.  Waikiwi’s primary goal is to maximize the net income from its revenue choices, while maintaining and enhancing its asset – the land.  The farm is 490 ha total, 460 ha effective.  Income is derived from three distinct streams; fattening bull beef, winter lamb finishing, and growing contracted maize silage.

The predominant soil types on the farm are Maeroa ash loam, and Hamilton clay loam.  Waikiwi commenced finishing lamb on the property in 2003, which David saw as an opportunity to complement the summer maize silage operation with sustainable soil management during the winter months.

Waikiwi Ltd was the Supreme Winner of the 2007 Ballance Farm Environment Awards for the Waikato region.  This was in recognition of the environmental practices evident in Waikiwi’s soil management, total waterway fencing, and enhancement of the land through long term planting programmes.


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