The Mackintoshs

Mackintosh Group Ltd is a family owned farming business based in Wanganui and run by Bruce & Helen Mackintosh, their two children Ruth & Paul and their respective spouses, Simon and Anna. Mackenzie and Nathan (Ruth & Simon’s children) and Ben, Duncan and Emily (Paul & Anna’s children) are the 6th generation of Mackintoshes to enjoy stomping across the family farm of ‘Dunkeld’ in their gumboots.

We are very excited to join Coastal Lamb, it’s an honour to be farming alongside some of the best lamb producers in New Zealand.

It’s hard to pick a favourite way that we enjoy preparing lamb for the table ourselves. But it’s hard to beat a family gathering around a traditional succulent leg roast with all the trimmings.

Mackintosh Group

The Mackintosh’s sheep, beef and arable cropping enterprise is run across three farms in Wanganui and the Rangitikei; A hill country sheep & beef breeding farm ‘Aramaire’ (690Ha), complemented by the two flatter finishing farms near the Wanganui coastline; ‘Dunkeld’(225Ha) and  ‘The Lakes’ (210Ha). A couple of smaller lease blocks nearby provide additional acreage.

Around 7000 lambs are bred on-farm each year and a further 6000-7000 lambs are sourced and finished through the autumn and winter. Approximately 120 Angus beef cows are grazed on the hill country and 150-250 weaners and rising 2yr beef cattle are run on the finishing farms and lease blocks to help keep the pastures in optimal condition.

Alongside the main sheep and beef operation, Mackintosh Group keeps their business diversified with arable cropping, agricultural contracting, a silo complex and rearing chickens for the egg-laying industry.

Maize and barley crops grown on the finishing farms and lease blocks each year support the pasture renewal programme. In 2009 the family entered their business in the Balance Farm Environment Awards and won the Sustainable Harvest Award. Through their agricultural contracting, Mackintosh Group runs machinery to do their own cropping work and harvesting, along with those of a number of other farms in the district. Grain is dried, stored and later processed in their silo complex on Dunkeld for various clients.


Mackintosh Group

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