The Crofoots at Castlepoint Station

Emily and Anders Crofoot purchased Castlepoint Station in 1998. We emigrated with our two children, David (10) and Sarah (8) from a seventh generation family farm in the North East of the United States. We had been living and working on Braewold Farm alongside Emily’s parents. The Wood family had farmed that property since 1809. Farming in coastal New Zealand had been a life long dream for Emily, as the region where she grew up was experiencing urban sprawl. It was an exciting adventure for our family to take on the running of a large coastal sheep and cattle station half a world away from where we grew up. We wouldn’t trade it for anything and love the opportunities that have been created by our farming Castlepoint Station. Producing lamb for Coastal Lamb is a wonderful way to enable others to enjoy the very special lamb which we love to eat.

Emily’s parents who are in their 90’s still visit Castlepoint for two months every year. Sarah, now in her late 20’s has completed an agri-commerce degree and is working as a meat and wool policy advisor. She plays an active role in decisions concerning the farm and loves riding her horse down the beach, with the waves crashing around her. David has completed a marketing and management degree and is always exploring new ventures for us to consider. He especially loves the outstanding surfing right on his doorstep.

Emily and Anders are passionate about sheep and beef farming in New Zealand and we feel privileged to be the stewards of this beautiful land.

Castlepoint Station

Wairarapa’s Castlepoint Station runs for 12 kilometres along the Pacific Ocean. There is farming land from sea level to 300 metres in elevation. The station comprises 3,750 hectares with a mixture of flats, rolling hills and steeper hills. We receive most of our rainfall in the winter. We have 12,000 breeding ewes and their replacements along with 400 beef cows and their replacements. We finish as many of our own progeny as the season allows and then bring in additional livestock over the winter. We also produce Manuka honey and have some areas in production forestry. In 2012 the Castlepoint Team won the Wairarapa Sheep and Beef Farm Business of the Year, which was a great honour.

All of our family are involved with the farming business as well as our accommodation business. We also have a wonderful and dedicated team of staff working in both enterprises.

We take great pride in the presentation of our livestock and it gives us such pleasure to see the sheep and cattle happily grazing on the windswept hills, with the lambs and calves playing alongside their mothers. We encourage as much clover growth as possible in our pastures so that the lambs will grow fast and be very tender.

We strive to enhance our environmental footprint and have retired many areas of the station and planted them in trees. We are fencing off our waterways and are encouraging areas of regenerating native bush. The Whareama Coastal Walk traverses parts of the Station and one of the nights walkers spend in our 16 bed Retreat. We have a large range of accommodation in the Castlepoint settlement, so why not come and stay?